I’m Dan Anderton. I’m a pretty busy guy, working full-time for a content creator, doing freelance web design, SEO, and running a second business on the side of all that. To top it off, I also have kids! I love the outdoors and I love tech (and a bit of gaming). Living in Snowdonia, I have the perfect outdoor playground right on my doorstep.

Quick Facts

Let’s streamline this a little, here are a few quick facts about me

  1. I live in Porthmadog, North Wales. Have done for over 20 years now (I’m 36).
  2. I have 3 children (4 if you include my beautiful partner). 0 pets.
  3. I work primarily for Ali Abdaal (a doctor turned YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers). But mainly I work as a freelance web designer and SEO specialist.
  4. I’m a member of the local sea rowing club. We row Celtic Longboats (bonus fact, we’ve won the Great River Race in London three years on the trot).
  5. I used to love mountain biking – but struggle to find the time these days. I do ride my road bike as often as I can, and try to get out on my Sea Kayak when the weather permits.
  6. I love wild camping.

What You’ll Find Here

This is a personal blog, so I don’t really have a set topic that I plan to stick to. I’ve already said I love the outdoors and tech, so you can expect to find some of that here. A few other subjects I’m sure I’ll post about over time include:

  • My adventures (or microadventures)
  • Reviews and opinions on various things I use (outdoors stuff and tech combined… odd combo maybe)
  • General life chatter
  • The occasional rant

If you do happen to read anything on my site, please feel free to comment and share your own thoughts with me! If you’re looking for my freelance web design site, head on over to danderton.co.uk