Personal CRM Notion Template

Stay connected with friends, family and colleagues with this Personal Notion CRM

Staying in touch with friends and family can be difficult with a hectic schedule. This Personal CRM Notion Template will solve that problem for you. Giving you an easy way to manage your contacts, remember birthdays, take notes on conversations, or just keep a log of important information about the people you want to stay in touch with.

This is the exact template I use to manage connections with friends, family, colleagues and business contacts while working for Ali Abdaal.

What you’ll get:

  • A fully functional CRM designed for friends, family and associates
  • See upcoming birthdays so they don’t surprise you
  • Take notes on key conversations and get prompts when you’ve not spoken to someone in a while
  • An easy solution to manage your contacts and relationships
  • Designed and used by Ali Abdaals assistant

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