Project Management Hub Notion Template

Manage your projects and related tasks within Notion with this project management template

If you’d like to start managing projects and tasks within Notion, then this is the template for you. I built this template to use for my work with Ali Abdaal. The project management Notion template includes two databases that work together to easily manage projects, check in on progress, and organise the tasks for each project.

I’ve used this Notion project management template to organise and run various projects. It’s scalable, simple to use, and even simpler to understand.

What you’ll get:

  • A fully functional project management Notion template
  • The ability to manage, update, and check progress of projects and associated tasks

How to Access

Once you complete the purchase (or select free), you’ll get a link to the Project Management Notion Template. Load this link and duplicate the page within your own Notion account.

How to Use The Project Management Notion Template

Using the Notion template is really simple, with handy buttons to take care of project and task creation. To get started, remove the dummy data and click the ‘New Project’ button. On the new page, give your project a name and start filling in the information. Each new project you create will automatically create a task reminding you to fill in the project details.

I find the more information you include in the project, the easier it is to manage and remember what you need to complete it. So fill in as much as you can. There’s a section in each project page to add updates as you move the project forwards.

To add tasks to a project, you can either load the individual project page within Notion and click ‘Add Task’ to the database view, or you can add new tasks directly from the templates home page. Don’t forget to link the task to a project using the ‘Related Project’ field. This helps organise things and ensures you can see your projects tasks directly in the project itself.

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